About Plantman Equipment

Delivering Solutions on a Bigger Scale

Established in 1992, Plantman Equipment is a private and family run West Australian owned and operated business, managed by Co-founders Michael Elliot and Shaaron Whitton. Plantman provides a broad range of earthmoving equipment and service support vehicles, for sale and rental to the mining, construction and earthmoving industries, and its rental fleet are professionally supported by dedicated parts and service departments.

Plantman’s Service Truck range was the first standardised and production based service truck and the company has since expanded the truck fleet to include seven module types to meet different applications.

History of Plantman

Michael Elliot – Plantman Equipment Managing Director

Shaaron Whitton – Plantman Equipment Director

Plantman Equipment was founded in 1992 by Directors Michael Elliot and Shaaron Whitton as a West Australian dealer for quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) earthmoving equipment.

As part of the maintenance requirements on its growing fleet of earthmoving equipment, Plantman required a reliable and flexible servicing solution that could handle the harsh operating conditions of the Australian outback and mine sites.

Nothing Suitable on the Market

Not being able to find anything suitable to meet their requirements, founders Michael and Shaaron made a decision to build their own custom designed service truck.

The service truck was unique to the earthmoving industry at the time, being the first standardised and production based service truck in development. Soon Plantman clients were requesting the service trucks for purchase at their own sites. From there the Plantman Equipment service range was born and quickly expanded upon.

Plantman Today

Today Plantman Equipment’s service range is sold across the globe and now includes over 25 different models:

Each truck is designed and continually refined for maximum safety, durability, functionality and flexibility, and utilises high quality materials and parts, together with the highest build quality that is carried out from its manufacturing plant in Perth Western Australia.

Earthmoving Associations

Plantman holds all relevant licenses and permits to operate within Western Australia, and is an ISO:9001 Quality Certified business as audited by Bureau Veritas.