Mine Specification Equipment

Working within the Mining and Resources sectors expose earthmoving equipment and support vehicles to some of the toughest conditions and some of the most dangerous situations on the planet.

To minimise the chance of accidents or fatalities occurring each site has developed a set of strict Mine Specifications that they feel provides their staff and visitors the best protection against accidents.

Different Site Different Rules

As such each site’s rules and best practices may differ from the next, so having a full understanding of each sites requirements is essential.

After 24 years working across the Australian Mining and Resources sector, Plantman Equipment can not only deliver compliant earthmoving equipment and support vehicles to your company, we can also guide you through the unique differences from site to site.

All modifications and installations are carried out within our Perth based heavy equipment workshop by our trained mechanics and technicians ensuring your fleet is compliant to industry and site requirements.

As a licensed Motor Vehicle Repairer Plantman Equipment is expertly trained and qualified to make all adjustments to your equipment fleet.

Example Mine Specification Modifications

While each site may differ from the next, most sites require similar modifications to the equipment working on their site. For instance a 4×4 light vehicle would likely require the following:

  • “Auto-On” Headlights
  • Off-Road Mud Tyres
  • Seat Covers
  • Air Snorkel
  • Hand brake alarm
  • White Paint Colour
  • Bull Bar
  • Front Spot Lights
  • Roof-mounted rotating beacon
  • Reversing Beeper
  • Reversing Camera
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Vehicle Reflective Tape
  • Wheel Chock
  • High Visibility Whip Flag
  • Loose Wheel Nut Indicators
  • Call Sign/ID Signage
  • Jump Start Receptacles
  • Starter Motor & Battery Isolator
  • UHF Radio
  • Internal Roll Over Protection (ROPS)
  • Tow Bar
  • Tinted Windows
  • First Aid Kit

For more details on mine specifications or to arrange a modification quote contact Plantman Equipment today.