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Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Wheel Loader

13th December, 2021

Wheel loader

Today’s fast-paced development and changing dynamics in the mining and construction sector call for versatile and productive wheel loaders. These rock-solid machines are absolutely essential in most job sites in these fields.

Also known as front-end loaders, wheel loaders are large four-wheel drive machines with mighty strength and durability to carry out heavy earthmoving tasks. Its purpose is to scoop, hold and transport materials on a mining or construction job site, including loading trucks or stationary equipment such as conveyors or screening machines. They can lift almost anything, from the rubble, gravel, soil to debris and dirt. 

Wheel loaders feature a front-bucket tool attachment that works with the lift mechanism allowing the up and down movement for handling and moving heavy loads. These machines come in different sizes and capacities to suit different earthmoving needs and requirements.

If you’re thinking of renting a wheel loader machine, you’ll be glad to learn some interesting facts about them. Let’s have a quick look at everything you need to know about renting a wheel loader.


When you’re planning to rent a wheel loader, the first thing you should keep in mind is to select the right size of the machine for your project requirements. From small to medium to big wheel loaders, they come in various sizes.

So, to decide on the right wheel loader for your job, you need to consider the physical layout and ground conditions of your site and select one capable of working within the required parameters. 

Then determine your payload or production targets, so you can choose the right combination of bucket and loader size to achieve your goals.

Power Delivery

The type of material, and the density of the material that needs to be lifted and transported, determines the power and payload capacity needed from your wheel loader. It is crucial to know how much power you need from your machine to get the job done. 

The distance to be transported and the frequency of mobility also determine how powerful a loader you will require to get the job done right. 

The type of removable attachments you need on your loader to get the work done determines the power of your machine. You can customise the device to suit your work requirements, from heavy buckets to various work tools to quick couplers for maximum versatility.

Know that some attachments require a high-flow hydraulic system that can deliver the necessary power to operate and perform the operations for which they are designed.

Fuel Capacity

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is the wheel loader fuel capacity. 

A medium wheel loader typically consumes less than a litre of fuel per hour when idle. On the other hand, a big one with heavy horsepower, working steadily with no idle time at a demanding job site, might burn more than 12 litres of fuel per hour.

Also, it’s essential to know how fuel-efficient your machine is, depending on the model and brand you hire. 

One significant factor in comparing productivity among various models and brands available for hire is fuel efficiency. It measures how much work a loader can do with one litre of fuel, that is, the amount of material it can move, whether measured in cubic metres or tons, with that volume of fuel.

Fuel efficiency is also dependent on the overall design refinement of the machine with deep system integration, resulting in lower fuel consumption and significant improvements in areas that contribute to higher productivity.

One of the best examples of fuel-efficient machines available is the CATERPILLAR 980M WHEEL LOADER – WL044.

Its high-power density and fuel efficiency set it apart from other models. It is certified to meet emission standards; its engine features Cat electronics, an “FI” (fuel injection) process and air-management systems. Its efficient engine structure delivers significantly improved performance through engine speed and overall system heat load reduction.

Plantman offers this magnificent machine for hire in Perth and across Australia.

Safety and Protection

When you’re renting a wheel loader, another major factor to consider is the safety and protection offered by the machine you’re going to hire. Plantman’s hire fleet machinery is all specified to comply with mine site safety standard requirements.

Please check the protective components and don’t overlook things like light shields, guard screens, and hydraulic hoses protection when evaluating the machine.

Also, look for an operator-friendly cab and choose the one that offers maximum operator comfort, safety, visibility and productivity. 

Nonetheless, make sure to rent from a dealer you trust to advise you on the technical aspects of the machine and who offers reliable backup support and service, including stock of spare parts if needed so that you don’t experience unnecessary operational downtime and increased safety risks.

Plantman offers exceptional technical and customer service support on all the products you hire.


There’s an old saying that “prevention is better than cure”, so if you’re planning to rent a wheel loader, putting in the time to take care of hard-working rental machinery is essential to keeping the fleet working smoothly.

Follow a preventive maintenance process both before and during the ongoing rental service period of the machine.

Use a simple checklist to make sure all necessary tasks are completed. The best starting point for all maintenance is the loader’s operator’s manual, which will have a detailed checklist and specifics to the machine such as:

  • Check and fill fluids including fuel, oil and hydraulic fuel.
  • Grease crucial points and do a quick touch-up if needed.
  • Set the correct adjustments, including making machine-specific adjustments or when adding attachments.
  • Clean the machine or do a quick wipe down and remove excess debris.

Upon meeting with your Rental dealer/supplier, whether at the rental yard or delivering the machine to a job site, do a machine walkaround and take detailed photos of its condition. 

Plantman offers excellent equipment rental services to meet your expectations and satisfaction levels by providing unmatched pre-rental and ongoing maintenance, service and support from highly-trained customer service personnel and technicians.