Mini-Excavator Undercarriage Retraction Steps

The below video from Cat Landscaping and Construction demonstrates the steps to extend or retract the undercarriage of a Cat Mini-Excavator including the tracks and dozer blade to allow the machine to operate in tight access locations.

  1. With the dozer blade in front of the machine apply downward pressure on the blade to lift the machine off the ground.
  2. Rotate the machine so the blade is at the rear of the machine.
  3. Place the bucket on the ground.
  4. Use the boom controls to then elevate the machine completely off the ground.
  5. Activate the undercarriage extension switch.
  6. Use the blade controls to extend or retract the undercarriage.
  7. Return the undercarriage extension switch to its normal position.
  8. Use the boom controls to carefully lower the front of the machine to the ground.
  9. Rotate the cab 180 degrees to face the blade.
  10. Carefully raise the dozer blade to lower the machine to the ground.
  11. Place the bucket on the ground.
  12. Exit the machine to retract the blade.
  13. Unpin the blade extension wing, push back the wing and replace the blade pin.

Undercarriage Retraction Demonstration Video