Plantman Crane Trucks

Flexible Truck Options

Plantman Equipment have been designing and building Crane Trucks for over 24 years for the Australian commercial and mining industries.

With a range of models available, you can purchase or hire a quality and customised truck crane to meet your exact project requirements.

Choose between a range of:

  • Chassis brands, models and sizes
  • Truck style (Flatbed, Tilt Tray or Hiab Truck)
  • Front or rear crane mounting
  • Weight and engine capacity
  • Number of axles.

The Custom Plantman Crane Truck Range

Plantman Crane Trucks can be deployed in the following sizes to meet your site requirements:

Plantman CT15000 Crane Truck
Hiab: 288
G.V.M (Kg): 28,500
Axels: 8×4

Plantman CT12000 Crane Truck
Hiab: 244
G.V.M (Kg): 28,500
Axels: 8×4

Plantman CT600 Crane Truck
Hiab: 088
G.V.M (Kg): 22,500
Axels: 6×4

Plantman CT500 Crane Truck
Hiab: 088
G.V.M (Kg): 10,400
Axels: 4×4, 4×2

Plantman CT200 Crane Truck
Hiab: 056
G.V.M (Kg): 10,400
Axels: 4×4, 4×2

Plantman CT150 Crane Truck
Hiab: 035
G.V.M (Kg): 10,400
Axels: 4×2

Crane Truck Applications

Whether you have a small or large project ahead of you, Plantman’s Crane Trucks can meet your lifting and transport requirements.

Our range of trucks are easy to use and feature excellent operational control (including remote operation if required). Plantman customers regularly use their trucks for:

  • Mining, Civil & Construction projects
  • Council and Commercial (transport, salvage, landscaping etc) applications
  • Local and remote railway construction and maintenance
  • Rural and Farming

Plantman can also modify your truck to meet specialised use requirements. View one of our semi-autonomous drill-rod handler crane trucks.

Contact Plantman Equipment today to discuss your projects requirements and let us guide you to finding the perfect lifting and transport solution.

Performance Guaranteed

The entire Plantman service vehicle fleet is designed and manufactured by Plantman Equipment in its Perth based manufacturing facilities using locally sourced, high grade raw materials and parts.

Vehicles are designed to meet not only Australian standards, mine specification standards, but also the company’s own high quality requirements that has seen the company provide to the international mining community for over 23 years.

Rapid Support

With a team of fulltime support and service professionals, Plantman Equipment can rapidly respond to and action your enquiries. The company’s dedicated Parts and Purchasing Division provides high levels of product and parts knowledge and the ability to same day ship most major components.

Plantman customers receive regular contact and site equipment inspections, together with on-site technical support where necessary.

Looking for Used or Rental Crane Trucks?