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Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated Dump Trucks on Rent in Perth

Articulated dump trucks also known as articulated haulers, or dump haulers are heavy-duty dump trucks which are used at mining sites and large landscape projects for rough terrain hauling and heavy hauling.

Articulated dump trucks transport loose materials such as sand, gravel, crushed rock to and from construction and mine sites. Articulated dump trucks consist of all-wheel drive and two basic units: the tractor which is also called the front section and the trailer called the rear section. They are also named as the cab and bed of the truck. With its tighter turning radius and pivoting capabilities, Articulated dump trucks can be used for heavy-duty off-highway material loading and transporting applications at mining sites. Plantman offers the largest selection of ADT and other heavy-duty equipment all over Australia.

Application Areas:

The articulated dump truck is a versatile machine that can handle any job in the construction, mining and civil industries. Whether you need to haul dirt or gravel or move large equipment from one location to another, our dump trucks at Plantman will get it done with maximum efficiency while maintaining high average speed for your project’s productivity! With exceptional power and steering capabilities that can conquer more difficult terrain.

Rent “Articulated Dump Trucks” at Plantman:

Rent your Articulated dump trucks with Plantman and save your time and money. Our Brand Plantman  is trusted all over Australia because of  high reliability, good serviceability and durability in the most challenging conditions. Get the best rental Articulated dump trucks for your project today by speaking with one of our experienced customer service support. To rent Articulated dump trucks you can contact Plantman customer-service located nearest to your area! 

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