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Fuel Trailers

P1500 Service Trailer | FT011

  • Zero spillage
  • Robust construction
  • Hazard reduction design
  • User friendly operation
  • Low running cost


Fuel Trailers on Rent in Perth

Fuel trailers are tank bodies used to transport large quantities of diesel, oil or fuel.Diesel fuel powers the heavy-duty vehicles, machinery and generators at remote mining sites, and fuel trailers are instrumental for transporting fuel to meet the urgent needs at such mining sites. High amounts of fuel are used in operations at open mining sites and with the use of the right fuel storage trailers, refuelling time can be greatly reduced and operational efficiency can be enhanced.

Fuel trailers are available in various models, capacities and sizes. The internal structure and construction depend on the requirements for pressure, insulation and non-insulation technology.

Trailers with multiple compartments can be used to transport different liquids simultaneously. This saves time during transport and fuel costs. In a large trunk trailer, fluctuations in the direction of fluid caused by the tank can cause the trailer to veer off course, and significant shifts in the centre of gravity can affect the axle load and stability of the truck and trailer. Multi-chamber trailers reduce axle changes and increase the stability of a trailer.

Application Areas:

Fuel trailers are an integral part of a company's fleet. These fuel trailers provide convenient and flexible fuel management and storage systems at remote mining sites that do not have proximity to fuel or diesel stations. The Fuel trailers have to be reliable and effective in carrying fuel without the risk of any leakages. Also, their weight should be ideal, neither too heavy nor too light as it might affect the car haulier or the vehicle power source that moves the trailer from one place to the other.
They have to be sturdy enough for long distances with minimal maintenance required so that the driver can focus more on safety rather than maintenance and upkeep of the trailers, as they may be transporting dangerous materials across the terrain in all types of conditions.
Fuel trailers serve many purposes, from transporting fuel supplies and servicing earthmoving equipment on mine and construction sites.

Rent “Fuel Trailers” at Plantman:

If your company needs diesel available and readily accessible, a rental fuel trailer is an ideal solution to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for an additional fuel supply for your mining or construction site or a more comprehensive solution for your transport operation, Plantman can provide the ideal rental fuel tanker for your needs. Our equipment comes from industry-recognized manufacturers, and our fuel trailers are equipped to full mining specifications. Our fuel trailers are designed for a wide range of trades, construction, mining and industrial applications.

At Plantman, we offer rental diesel fuel trailers in Perth, WA, ensuring businesses who need top-up fuel on the go can do so effectively.

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