Service Trucks

Designed with maximum durability, flexibility and usability in mind, Plantman’s Service Vehicles are one of most recognised and regarded service trucks within the Australian mining and civil construction industries.

Successfully field tested within some of the harshest mining environments in the world since 1992, Plantman has refined its fleet design based on continual user feedback and available technology to produce highly reliable and durable vehicles that provide sites with safe and cost effective solutions.

Plantman’s Trucks are built to allow sites to tailor the specifications to meet the site fleet mix and task requirements. Each truck can also be adjusted on an ongoing basis to match the site changing service and safety requirements.

This flexibility includes the ability to:

  • Mount the service module onto a range of cab chassis’ allowing greater fleet consistency
  • Adjust the arrangement and quantities of tanks (diesel, oil, water, coolant and evacuation fluids)
  • Adjust the equipment features to meet specific site & safety requirements.