Ditch Witch FX60 Vacuum Truck

Isuzu FVZ 1400 6×4 Truck

  • Air conditioned/heated enclosed cabin
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Auto-lube
  • Service meter
  • All electrical wires denso taped
  • 20 foot tray
  • To Standard WA Mining Specifications

Isuzu Truck Safety Features

  • ROPS
  • 2 x 9kg fire extinguishers
  • Lockable isolator
  • Jump start receptacle
  • First aid kit
  • Reverse alarm
  • Roof mounted dual element amber rotating beacon
  • Safety rails and safety steps
  • Guarding on accessible moving parts including access to engine bays

Ditch Witch FX60 Vacuum Skid

FX60 Vacuum Excavation System is both a portable vacuum unit for a variety of utility clean up applications and a powerful “soft” excavating machine for digging small, precisely controlled excavations to expose buried utilities. The basic unit includes the following:

  • Cummins B3.3 diesel (60 hp gross)
  • Insulated engine enclosure
  • Cylinder assist dumping system
  • Cylinder assist door lift
  • Suction tool
  • Water lance
  • 4″ hose kit (100ft w/ 1200 gallon)
  • Hydraulic power beyond
  • Hydraulic hose reel

FX60 Vacuum Specifications

  • Blower displacement: 25.5m3/min
  • Maximum vacuum: 406mm HG
  • Hose size (standard): 102mm
  • Vacuum tank capacity: 4,543L
  • Suction hose 4 in (2 sections): 15.2m
  • Outlet valve size: 152mm
  • Width 2.55m
  • Height 2.52m
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

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