Caterpillar 773F Rigid Water Truck | ZZ_RWT41

Cat 773F Rigid Water Truck

  • Steel water tank capacity: 45,000 litre
  • Front Hydraulic water cannon with remote operation
  • 3 x Magnum spray valves on rear plus dribble bar, gravity bar and batter sprays
  • Cabin switching equipment supplied
  • Water pump / hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic tank fitted to front of tank chassis internally epoxy lined
  • Engine: Turbocharged C27 ACERT
  • Gross Power: 740 hp / 552 kw
  • Tire Size: 24.00R35(E4)
  • Wheelbase: 4215 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 777 mm
  • Hydraulically controlled Cat dry front and rear oil-cooled disc brakes
  • Automatic Retarder Control (ARC )

Safety Features

  • ROPS & FOPs cab

Caterpillar 740 Truck Operating Video

Source: Ground Force Worldwide

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