Hitachi S-TC200-2 Longreach Telescopic Arm | EA010

Hitachi Longreach Telescopic Arm

  • Dual pin mounted telescopic arm assembly to excavator boom
  • Valving and lines for bucket operation
  • Fully extended 21.5 metres maximum digging depth
  • For use with Clam Shell Bucket
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Work Scope A Maximum Excavation Depth  (mm) 20,500
B Maximum Excavation  Radius (mm) 9,400
C Maximum Excavation Height (mm) 5,600
D Front Minimum Turning Radius (mm) 3,900
E Front Minimum Turning Height  (mm) 12,000
Bucket Volume (m3) 0.4
Average Ground Pressure (kg/cm3) 0.49
Full Equipped Mass (kg) 21,600

Additional Counterweight of 1000kg Included

Video of Telescopic Arm and Clam Shell Bucket in Operation

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