Mack Metroliner 8×4 Crane Truck | CT044

Mack Metroliner 8×4 Crane Truck

  • 285hp Turbo charged and inter cooled 4 cycle diesel engine with exhaust retarder
  • ADR80/00 compliant
  • Upright muffler
  • Pre cleaner
  • Allison automatic transmission
  • Hydraulic retarder
  • Power take off
  • Versacool high ambient transmission cooler
  • Tropical cooling system package
  • Air conditioned high roof cabin
  • ISRI suspension seat
  • Heavy duty front guard
  • 6,500kg front and 21,600kg rated rear axle set with spring front and  rear suspension
  • Non asbestos brake linings
  • Air dryer
  • Spring applied emergency and parking brake
  • 11R x 22.5 tyres individual wheel covers
  • Heavy duty mud flaps
  • Spare wheel
  • Jack and wheel brace
  • Tropical tinted rear and side windows
  • Two way radio power supply 12V
  • Rust and corrosion prevention system
  • Electric service meter
  • PTO service meter
  • I.V.M.S fitted (In Vehicle Monitoring System)
  • BHPBIO FRC Standard

Safety Features

  • ROPS to AS 2294
  • 1.2 metre aerial and warning flag
  • Safety signage
  • 2 x 9kg Fire extinguishers
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Reverse alarm
  • Roof mounted amber rotating beacon
  • Lockable isolator
  • Jump start receptacle
  • Remote shut downs
  • Emergency stop
  • Safety steps and hand rails
  • LED tail lights

Tray Specifications

  • 6.0 meter steel tray
  • Chequered plate floor
  • Tie down rails
  • Combing rail
  • Rear crane guard
  • Lockable tool box
  • Heavy duty side rails
  • Rear C front guard
  • Sea container lock down pins
  • Wheel chock carrier
  • Ring feeder tow hitch assembly with air brake and electrical system

Other Equipment

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