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Mining Service Trucks Designed for Durability and Reliability

When you need mining service trucks for rugged terrain, look no further than Plantman. Our trucks are built tough because we understand the pressures of working in Australian mining conditions. All of our vehicles are designed with safety, durability and usability in mind. We’re often considered the benchmark for mining service vehicles in Australia. It’s because people know they can trust a Plantman truck to do the job it was built for, even in some of the toughest conditions.

We’ve been putting our trucks through some of the toughest mining conditions in the world since 1993, and we’re continually making improvements to ensure our vehicles meet your needs. Whether you need mining service trucks for hire or you’d like to purchase one, we can make it happen.

When you need a range of vehicles added to your fleet, our experts can put together a fleet of fit-for-purpose vehicles that you can rely on. We’re also able to customise all vehicles to your specifications, and they can be regularly adjusted to suit your requirements as they change.

This flexibility includes the ability to:

  • Mount the service module onto a range of cab chassis’ allowing greater fleet consistency.
  • Adjust the arrangement and quantities of tanks (diesel, oil, water, coolant and evacuation fluids).
  • Adjust the features to meet specific site & safety requirements.

Where can our service trucks be used?

Built for tough terrains, our mining service trucks can be used in a range of different applications. For re-fuelling, oiling, crane operation, the removal of waste and other materials, and even water trucks for dust suppression and road construction, we’ve got

everything you need here at Plantman. Our durable and reliable trucks can be used in:

  • Deep pit mining
  • Underground mining
  • Mining
  • Civil construction

From general service vehicles and water trucks to drill support trucks, we can assemble a fleet to your exact specifications, meaning you don’t need to look anywhere else for site vehicles.

The features of reliable, high-quality service trucks

All of our mining service trucks are fully customisable to meet your specifications or additional site safety requirements. However, there are some key features that our customers love.

  • Automatic transmission
  • Zero spillage concept
  • Durability in tough conditions
  • Ergonomic operator cabins
  • Low running costs
  • Variety of size and capacity
  • Hazard reduction design

Whether you need small-capacity fuel and lubrication trailers or a fully customised, heavy-duty 18,000L mine spec service truck, we’ve got you covered. With usability and safety always a concern, our vehicles are easy to operate while maintaining high safety standards.

Types of mining service trucks available

You have access to a huge range of mining service vehicles to support any scale operation. There’s no job too big or too small, and we’ve got a great variety to support all types of operations. Here are some of the mining service vehicles available for hire or purchase through Plantman.

Service Trucks

Built tough and packed with safety features, our service trucks allow you to keep your machinery and equipment fuelled, oiled and in great working order. Best of all, they’re fully flexible and we can customise everything to suit site specifications, including tank configuration and service module positioning.

Water Trucks

Much like service trucks, water trucks are invaluable in mining operations. Often used to wet the ground in dry conditions and suppress dust, our water trucks are customisable, flexible and designed to operate in harsh conditions. Also extremely useful in road construction around mine sites.

Crane Trucks

We have an expansive selection of crane trucks available to suit all mining applications. Offering crane capacity from 2 – 10 tons in all-steel flat or tilt trays. We can customise vehicles to suit your needs. Like all Plantman vehicles, safety features are in abundance to ensure safe operation.

Diesel Tankers

Diesel trucks ensure you keep your machinery, heavy-duty vehicles, earthmoving equipment and power generators properly fuelled at all times. This reduces the risk of downtime and increases overall mine productivity. With various configurations available, Plantman has a diesel tanker truck to suit any application.

Tipper Trucks

Our tipper trucks feature robust construction and premium safety features to protect drivers and other workers alike. Ranging from 4.5m3 to 11.3m3, we also offer a 6.2m3

side-tip truck for more complex applications. Large tipper trucks help to

reduce operating costs by decreasing the number of trips required to remove materials.

Flat Bed Tray Trucks

Our flat bed tray trucks can be used for a number of applications and can be customised to suit your needs. All with automatic transmission and packed with safety features, you can configure them to your specifications, serving a number of important purposes in large-scale mining operations.

Mine Buses

Large-scale mining operations need a way to safely transport workers across sites. Our mine buses are designed with strength and durability in mind, able to operate in harsh conditions where people’s comfort and safety is paramount.

Light Vehicles

For smaller operations, we’ve also got light vehicles available for hire. They’re flexible and able to be configured for a range of uses, with a 990kg crane capacity, an all-steel toolbox and automatic transmission. Cost-effective, these light vehicles are still sturdy and reliable in harsh terrain.

Call 08 9274 7820 or fill in the form below to speak with us about mining service truck hire in Perth. Our vehicles are also available for sale, and our experts are always available to discuss your fleet requirements.