Rural Earthmoving Equipment

Need high quality equipment for rural maintenance and earthworks?

Whether it is around Perth, across Western Australia or Nationally, Plantman Equipment can deliver a wide range of job specific equipment to complete farming and rural earthmoving tasks including:

  • Road Construction, Grading & Maintenance
  • Fire Break Clearing / Ploughing
  • Vegetation Management – Thinning / Clearing
  • Waterway Construction & Management
  • Installing & Laying Poly Pipe
  • Dam Construction, Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Loading Trucks
  • Pasture & Site Preparation
  • Rock Breaking
  • Post-hole drilling


Rental Equipment for Farms and Rural Projects

  • Don’t have the capital to purchase right now or don’t feel you will get enough regular utilisation to justify the purchase?
  • Struggling to find extra storage space in your sheds to store the equipment?
  • Want to avoid maintaining and repairing another piece of equipment with all the time and money it costs?

Plantman offers a short and longer term rental options on almost any earthmoving equipment available, providing you the following benefits:

  • Access to high quality equipment specific to the job
  • The right equipment your job can be completed with maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Equipment servicing, parts replacement and repairs are handled by Plantman
  • No depreciating and potentially under utilised asset sitting on your books
  • More time to keep working on your business, rather than maintaining your equipment.


Earthmoving Equipment Transport to Remote Locations

Plantman can arrange complete end to end transport of our equipment to your site and back. Take a job off your list and relax knowing our professional equipment team will organise every aspect of your next earthmoving hire.

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