VIDEO: Marc reviews features on the P9000 Diesel Tanker

Recently our Workshop Manager Marc spent some time showing some of key safety and functionality features of the Plantman P9000 Diesel Tanker fitted on a MAN 6×6 All Wheel Drive.

In the video Marc discusses:

  • Plantman’s re-engineered module mounting with heavy duty springs to absorb and reduce any sway from the module and liquid transfer.
  • Ability to fit Plantman modules onto multiple cab chassis makes and configurations.
  • Installation of a Telma electromagnetic retarder
  • Customisable tank configuration
  • Customisable drivers side reel compartment includes:
    • Gas struts
    • Banlaw Fast fill fuel nozzle
    • Light vehicle nozzle
    • Three oil outlets
    • Water outlet
    • Evac outlet
    • Grease reel
    • Bolt grease reel
    • Anti-drip oil nozzles to reduce any environmental spills
  • Fully bunted tank area
  • Central control system
    • Fill reservoir
    • Control manifold
  • Air or diesel generators
  • Battery and starter isolators
  • Emergency stops for the truck and compressor
  • Cat jump start receptacles

For more information on the Plantman P9000 Diesel Tanker, contact Plantman Equipment today.