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Articulated Water Trucks

Articulated Water Trucks on Rent in Perth

Articulated Water Trucks are specialised vehicles that are equipped with large tanks filled with water. The tanks are located at the rear end of the vehicle for transporting and spraying water. They are called articulated because the rear end section of the tank is connected by a flexible joint to the vehicle and the entire tank segment can be removed and then fixed again when required. The uses of Articulated Water Trucks are in civil construction, mining, farming and fire control.

However, they are mostly used in the civil construction and mining sector  to suppress flying dust and dirt using  a hose pipe with high pressured water force, at mining and construction sites, on account of earth being dug up. They also ensure that the earth being worked upon is at the needed level of moisture content.

Application Areas:

Articulated water trucks are an important tool for occupational health and safety in Australia. They are designed to be used at construction sites, mining operations with capabilities to handle dust suppression, fire prevention and soil compaction with ease. Their hydraulic nozzles situated on the back employ advanced systems so they can discharge just enough liquid without wasting any.

Rent “Articulated Water Trucks” at Plantman:

At Plantman, we provide Articulated Water trucks for hire at Perth, WA. Not just that, we also have a wide variety of heavy earthmoving machines. We have a range of powerful and stable technically fully equipped Water Trucks that can be efficiently used at mining sites or construction sites.

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