Diesel Generators

Airman SDG60 Diesel Generator

  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • 4 Cylinder Direct Injection
  • Emergency Stop Device
  • Large Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Highly Attenuated Muffler


Diesels Generators on Rent in Perth

Diesel Generators, primarily a combination of a diesel engine and an alternator or electric generator, are electrical power producers that are critical sources of power backup in areas where electricity is not available, especially in remote mining sites and other construction sites.

For the purpose that the work at mining and construction sites should remain operational without any interruption or delay, Diesel Generators ensure a guaranteed power source and measures to mitigate blackouts. A big advantage of a diesel generator is that it offers superior fuel efficiency, which means you have a longer runtime and consume less fuel.

Additionally, the role of Diesel Generators is absolutely integral to the mining industry. Whether it is coal, gas, iron ore or precious metals, whatever is to be mined, Diesel Generators play a vital role in the energy used to run the different facets of the mining industry. These diesel-powered generators provide a lot of muscle, capacity and stability to the operations of mining sites.

Application Areas:

Diesel generators are an important component in powering remote locations such as oil rigs, mining camps and construction sites. These locations often experience extreme weather conditions with high temperatures.

Rent “Diesel Generators” at Plantman:

We provide rental diesel generator models in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be configured for almost any application and regulatory environment. Plantman can help you find the rental diesel generator in Perth, WA that matches your specific energy needs. At Plantman, our rental Diesel Generators have a variety of towing options that can be easily transported through your company vehicle. Our diesel generators for rent meet the power generation needs of contractors and other small and large businesses that need reliable mobile energy solutions. All our generators have sound-absorbing sheathing providing low operating noise and specially designed build quality for the prevention of rain-water penetration.

You can choose a model that meets today stringent emissions’ standards and allows you to maintain regulatory compliance.

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