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Service Trucks

MAN TGS 33.440 6×6 Refrigeration Service Truck | ST098

  • Minespec Electrics
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Large Removable Container Unit
  • Thermo King Refrigerator
  • User Friendly Operation


Service Trucks 

Just like emergency or rescue vehicles, ‘Service Trucks’ or fuel delivery trucks are there to assist any equipment and vehicles on site in need of fuel. They are intended to transport and supply fuels to vehicles and servicing heavy equipment even in difficult conditions. Reliable and efficient, these trucks are built to be sturdy and durable even in the harshest of construction and mining conditions.  While doing so allows you to bring necessary fuel to the vehicles as opposed to transporting the vehicle to the fuel dispatch site, making the whole process much more manageable. 

As transporting those damaged equipment and vehicles is a hectic process, fueling them on-site and getting them to move is definitely a better option. This is where these fuel oil delivery trucks or propane delivery trucks come into play.  Most service trucks are designed to carry heavy loads at a time so that it is easier to fuel every vehicle on-site effortlessly. Additionally, most service trucks also feature the additional purpose of servicing earthmoving equipment. 

Application Areas:

Service Trucks have been utilised in a range of different industries. From mining operations to rail and civil management, alongside highway disasters, these service trucks definitely come in handy. These trucks offer reliability, and maximum productivity on the job site, which is what makes these so versatile. These service trucks save on your budget, time, and effort making sure your project is complete at the designated time. These service trucks can be a great asset especially in those areas that are difficult to reach or transport to. In these instances, instead of dragging  or towing those heavy-duty equipment, these service trucks offer options to service them right on-site. Typically, anybody who works with heavy duty equipment that runs on fuel, includes these as a means of preventive measures. These trucks can easily haul fuels to the construction or mining site to ensure complete functionality of the vehicles and tools used. For those instances where the estimated fuel supply is not sufficient and exceeds the limit, it allows an alternative emergency solution to the problem in hand. 

Plantman Service Truck Rent on Perth:

Designed with maximum durability and usability in mind, Plantman offers a range of Isuzu Service trucks or or propane delivery trucks for rental for application throughout all the major industries. With over three decades of expertise in the mining equipment industry, we offer the most extensive, well-built and versatile equipment and trucks for hire in Perth to meet your requirements. All of the Plantman Trucks are well designed and fully tested to withstand the harshest mining conditions our country can throw at them. Each model is designed and refined based on continual user feedback and evolving technologies to ensure that all industry requirements are efficiently and safely met. All our trucks are available with options depending on the site application and safety requirements.

So if you are looking for fuel truck rental near you, we at Plantman assure you that our Service Trucks are made to reduce the downtime of your vehicles, equipment or machinery while increasing your operating efficiencies!

Why Hire a Service Truck at Plantman?

While there is no question about the efficiency and productivity gains service trucks provide, they don’t come cheap. Often this capital equipment is financed although there is another way, that is to rent them! Service trucks or fuel delivery trucks for hire at Plantman with both short-term and long-term hire options available. The great thing about this is that you can enjoy the benefits of a service truck at only a fraction of the price. With decades long experience in the niche, Plantman also knows the best in the industry and offers the clients exactly what they need. With regular inspections and maintenance as required, our products are genuine and efficiently functional in their purpose. With a range of amazing options that are applicable throughout multiple industries, Plantman helps these construction projects to work in full swing by allowing access to these fuel oil delivery trucks for rent.

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