Atlas Copco Air Compressor U75

Atlas Copco Utility Series 8 Air Compressor U75 Mine Spec

The portable Atlas Copco Air Compressor U75 provides 75CFM free air delivery and 100psi (g) normal effective working air pressure. This full mine spec, compact, lightweight package has all the integrated features needed on the job.

Mine Spec Includes

  • Extended exhaust stack and bracket
  • Air dryer and air lubricator
  • External air cleaner and filter
  • Safety decal kit
  • Lockable battery isolator
  • Emergency Stop


Normal effective working pressure 7 bar (g)
Free air delivery 75 cfm
Max. ambient temperature at sea level 50°C
Min. starting temperature / cold start kit -10 / -20°C


Model Kubota D722
Number of cylinders 3
Power output @ normal shaft speed 14,9kW
Full load RPM 3400rpm
Unload 1800rpm


Length (including – fixed tow bar) 1580mm
Width 750mm
Height 850mm
Weight 488kg

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