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Big Truck Helping Little Hearts

15th May, 2021

Standing at the forefront for profound change. HeartKids is the leading research funding body in Australia that is a game-changer through its non-stop work for children with congenital heart disease. They fund many of the country’s top scientists and physicians who are studying how we can better treat and manage heart disease to support children who are in need.

For 2021, Plantman Equipment and sponsors Mt Gibson Iron, Sign On, Hankook Masters, Fennell Tyres, Atlas Copco CEA, and DMB Fluids Technology have joined forces to fight against heart disease by sponsoring Plantman’s appeal on their HeartKids Service Truck. Plantman is the first Western Australian mining, construction, or civil company to be an official supporter in this way and is proudly donating a percentage of each month the HeartKids Service Truck is out on rental for the cause.

The HeartKids Service Truck, a big bright red and blue hearty truck with the words “Proudly supporting HeartKids” written on it in bold letters, has been deployed to Mt Gibson Iron’s ‘Shine’ mining project located 230km east of the port city Geraldton. The truck will head out there for its first job to shine (pun intended) light on the cause of congenital heart disease. Shine Mineral Resource is a vast and impressive mine-site, estimated at 6.5 square kilometres in size rich in iron ore with state-of-the-art exploration going on around the clock.

“The entire team at Plantman is proud to be supporting HeartKids and we’re excited to have the opportunity to use our service truck for this great cause,” said Shaaron Whitton, Director of Plantman. “We hope that by shining light on congenital heart disease with The HeartKids Plantman Service Truck, others will become more aware of this wonderful cause”.

Overall, the HeartKids Service Truck is the latest and greatest addition to our service fleet on a mission to all things awesome for children’s heart health. The HeartKids Plantman Service Truck is looking to raise $50,000 or more in donations throughout this year.

Our goal is to raise awareness generally across Western Australia & in particular in the mining industry for the needs of children with congenital/heart disease. In supporting world-class research focused on the cause, treatment, and management in creating a profound change in children, families, and carers lives.

Cecilia Donovan, the HeartKids state manager said that appeals like Plantman’s are essential because they provide funding. She added, “It is huge for us because we don’t actually have a lot of government-backed support”. “We support families through practical and emotional support in the hospital at Perth Children’s Hospital and rural areas.” “We have a variety of programs and services; we do hospital visits daily and provide emotional and practical support like meals and financial assistance”. “We are so happy to have Plantman and their sponsors support in raising money and awareness for HeartKids with their Service Truck, it really does makes a difference”.

The Simple Facts

  • There is no known cure
  • 8 babies are born with a heart condition in Australia every day
  • Congenital heart disease is the most common birth abnormality, affecting 1 in every 100 babies
  • HeartKids provides lifelong support for HeartKids and their families
  • Congenital heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australian babies
  • Thanks to medical advances there are over 32,000 adults who have lived with a heart condition since childhood

For more resources and information visit the website here

“Childhood heart disease has affected many close families in the company so donating proceeds of the Service Truck rental in 2021 is just a small part we can play for a charity close to our hearts” Managing Director Michael Elliot.

100% of all the proceeds raised over 2021 will go towards HeartKids.

If you donate today, your donation will support the HeartKids organisation. Your kindness and generosity make a world of difference for children with congenital heart disease or other chronic heart issues!

Donate to HeartKids now by clicking on this click: Plantman 2021 Appeal. HeartKids depends solely on donations like yours so that they can continue life-saving work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, schools, and communities around the country every day–and night!