P9000 Service Truck

Plantman Equipment P9000 Service / Lube Truck

Volume (L):12,000
G.V.M (Kg)*:22,500

*GVM: Gross Vehicle Mass

P9000 Service Truck Technical Diagram

Standard P9000 Tank Configuration

The P9000 tank configuration can be highly customised. Talk to Plantman about your specific requirements.

Tank #Tank TypeTank Capacity
No 1Diesel9,000 Litre
No 2Oil500 Litre
No 3Oil500 Litre
No 4Oil500 Litre
No 5Water / Coolant200 Litre
No 6Waste500 Litre

Note – Tanks 5 and 6 are polymer lined

Chassis Types for the Plantman P9000

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